Before I started working with Melissa,
I was feeling extremely disconnected from myself

and while I could acknowledge it, I had no idea what to do. I was showing up to my relationships as guarded and inauthentic. I worked my businesses without understanding and feeling my true purpose. I ran through a constant list of "to-dos" not really enjoying any one of them. 

It has been through Melissa's focused and honest guidance that I have been able to explore some major, personal limiting beliefs. We have worked together to understand my core values, as well as some of my typical behaviors and how they have contributed to my circumstances in the past and present. In connecting all of these areas through Melissa's coaching, I have started to find my "voice" again - a confidence, an authentic approach, and a loving acceptance of myself that I have not felt in a very long time. The outcome? Enjoying and appreciating my life, all aspects of it, much more. I have created new circumstances to lead me to abundance I wouldn't have previous;y felt worthy of - a new position at work that is a perfect fit for me, two thriving businesses, the confidence to step into parenthood for the first time and the courage to feel just be me.

Lauren B.

Our work together has allowed me
to implement several changes in my business
that allow for a better quality of home and family life,
without sacrificing results

When I first began working with Melissa, I knew that there were changes within both my business and personal life that needed to be made, but I was so occupied by my day-to-day responsibilities in each that facing change for a better future overall felt overwhelming. From the start, we dove head first into personal introspection, uncovering tendencies and limiting mindsets. Evaluating myself and expressing feelings has been challenging on many levels, but has proven to be incredibly impactful and insightful work. Getting to know myself better has been enabling far greater growth and progress both personally and professionally than turning my cheek. Learning new concepts has always been fun for me, with this work I’m genuinely inspired and crave more! Our work together has allowed me to implement several changes in my business that allow for a better quality of home and family life, without sacrificing results; I’m confident we’ll continue to tap into challenges, successes and forward progress.

Thank you,

I have surprised myself with my
creativity, energy and newfound grit.

This letter needs to start off with thank. Thank you for choosing this path for which you are uniquely suited. Thank you for believing in the entrepreneurial spirit so much that you give selflessly to those who ask for guidance. Thank you for guiding so clearly, for giving step by step instructions and for never running out of ideas!

I have learned so much from our three months together. This is the “slow season” traditionally in my industry but I have surprised myself with my creativity, energy and newfound grit. My sales and new client base are both growing every month. I am braver, I find myself creatively navigating situations to show that I bring value to any situation, not just great products. This realization has opened many doors and pushed me into areas I never thought possible.

Thank you. Thank you for being honest with me. Thank you for forcing me to see the best in me and for working with me to find the joy in my business again.


Jennifer Bork
Independent SeneGence Distributor

Melissa helps me reign myself in and refocus me. 

She throws in other ideas to generate different results and reframes my thinking. We work interchangeable between life coaching and business consulting and the way the two intercede is sometimes shocking.  I am very happy with stopping to take the time to talk to someone else it is almost like a personal friend, counselor, and boss who has been there giving me the guidance I need!

Kelly G.
Small Business Owner

I am forever grateful to Melissa
for allowing me the space and time
to uncover what my soul has been trying to tell me.

I was initially attracted to Melissa because of her confidence and strong sense of self. I am a no BS type of person and I could sense she would shoot it straight with me. We began working together because I really wanted to be successful in my network marketing business. However, before we got to business Melissa helped me realize there were some life issues that needed to be addressed first. Through this discovery process it became clear to me that it wasn't success in my network marketing basins that I wanted after all. 

It's been a somewhat emotional but very exciting ride as I have switched gears and really been discovering what has been in my heart all along. I am forever grateful to Melissa for allowing me the space and time to uncover what my soul has been trying to tell me. 

I am looking forward to continuing my work with Melissa to determine next steps and continue on my journey as a successful, passion driven, entrepreneur. 

I mostly appreciate that Melissa doesn't tell me what I want to hear but helps me discover what I NEED to hear. I am forever grateful. 

Cat G.
Nine Lives Health

Melissa has helped hold me accountable.

As a business owner it is easy to procrastinate when there isn’t anyone to hold you accountable. Melissa has also helped me with a better vocabulary when I need to handle an uncomfortable conversation, so I can laser in and execute. I like the tracker sheets provided, it is nice to get down to your exact bottom line and know what you didn’t know.   

Lauren T. 

In 6 months: 

  • 36% increase in client count

  • 53% increase in service sales

  • 5% increase in retail

  • 9% increase in team Average ticket

she is very knowledgeable of our industry.

Melissa has been great at giving us ideas & systems that work to increase our profitability. She is very knowledgeable of our industry. We’re so happy we made the decision to have her as our coach. 

Lyndsay -Bella Vita 

In 6 months:

  • 20% increase in retail sales

  • 6% increase in team average tickets

she has helped me gain a voice

I have been working with Melissa for about 8 months now. Her insight and knowledge has been invaluable. She has helped me gain a voice where it was lacking, helped me see things in a different perspective and allowed me to be a better stylist behind the chair and a better leader to my staff. She keeps me accountable to the ideas and goals I have set for myself. 

Becke S.

In 6 months:

  • 21% increase in retail sales

  • 8% increase in booking 

  • 6% increase in average ticket 

working with her saved my business

Working with Melissa has been an absolute blessing! Working with her saved my business and my wellbeing. Was never easy, but always attainable. Forever grateful. 

Sam W.

In 6 months; 

  • We had 9 team members meet criteria to move up a pay grade
    (all time high in 6 years of business) 1/3 of our team earned an advancement! 

  • Have had a 35% in overall sales.